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Pumpkin King

My name is Robyn and this is a multi-fandom, personal blog.

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Favorite People ► Kit Harington

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boys who think they’ve unlocked a rare gem when they discover that a pretty girl is smart are so embarrassing

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finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters





ha im a piece of trash

As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up.
Is seven okay?

you smooth fucker

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She’s so important


She’s so important


if you ever worry you’ll do something embarrassing in front of your crush, just remember Dean Winchester stabbed his the first time they met

favourite stan lee cameos

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Marvel Heroes MMO: Opening Cinematic (x)


You know they were all “Pick a partner to line up with.”

And Spiderman desperately tried to make eye contact with the Human Torch so they could be partners but suddenly Deadpool is there, humping his leg.

An argument ensues and eventually the resolution is that Deadpool is allowed to be near Spiderman but if he partners with the Phoenix they’ll let him use her costume in the next expansion pack.